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CoyoteMIDI extends the functionality of your MIDI devices to include keyboard and mouse input, including complex key combinations and multi-step macros

Why CoyoteMIDI?

MIDI translations - made easy

A clean and intuitive interface that makes setting up translations effortless

Key Combinations

Trigger any combination of keyboard keys that is physically possible with two hands

Complex Macros*

Build multi-step macros with CoyoteMIDI's powerful built-in scripting engine

Not Just Keystrokes

Translate incoming MIDI messages to keystrokes, mouse clicks, MIDI messages, or custom scripts*

Retrospective MIDI Recorder

Improvised a great melody and wished you'd hit record? Don't sweat it. CoyoteMIDI saved it!


Choose to trigger a translation only when a specific application is running (or not running)

* available in CoyoteMIDI Pro only

An Introduction

Watch this video to get a brief overview of CoyoteMIDI’s features and setup instructions


Learn about the benefits of upgrading to PRO, and an introduction to the CoyoteMIDI scripting engine

Key Commands

Create simple MIDI translations with ease, with CoyoteMIDI’s Translations page. CoyoteMIDI will listen for your incoming MIDI message as the input, and let you type your combination of key strokes as the output, making MIDI hotkey translations effortless to set up

Go Deeper

Edit Mode allows for advanced editing of hotkey translations, offering manual control over the exact input and output messages such as which device they are received from, whether they are to be translated into keystrokes, mouse clicks, midi messages, app exclusivity, and more

MIDI Device Support

CoyoteMIDI will dynamically update the list of available MIDI devices recognised by your system, allowing you to choose which devices to use for hotkeys, and which ones to ignore

MIDI Sketch Book

Thanks to CoyoteMIDI’s in-built event buffer, you can retro-actively record MIDI performances and ideas without the need for a DAW. Enable “Live Audio” to hear what you’re playing with real piano samples.

You can mark your favorites, or save as an external MIDI file via drag-and-drop

Feature Comparison

Translate incoming MIDI to...
Key stroke
Mouse click
MIDI message
Script trigger
Advanced features
Translation limit
MIDI Modifier limit
Retrospective Record
Organizational Folders
CoyoteScript Engine
CoyoteScript Editor

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