midi [<eventType>] [<note number/control number/program/pitchbend value>] (<velocity/control value>) (<should be recorded?>) (<MIDI channel>) (<MIDI devices>)

Sends a MIDI event to the output MIDI devices selected in CoyoteMIDI or the otherwise specified devices.


  1. The type of MIDI event to send. Valid event types are “Note”, “ControlChange”, “PitchBend”, “ProgramChange”,  NoteAfterTouch, and ChannelAfterTouch.
  2. The MIDI number for the event. For example, for “Note”, this is the note number, for “ControlChange”, this is the control change number, and for “PitchBend”, this is the pitch.
  3. The MIDI value for the event. For example, the note velocity, or the control change value. This parameter would be unused for pitchbend. The default value is 127.
  4. Whether or not the MIDI event should be recorded by the retrospective recorder. The default value is false.
  5. The MIDI channel of the event. The default value is 0.
  6. The list of MIDI output devices to send the event to. By default, these are the output devices selected in the CoyoteMIDI settings.