CoyoteMIDI is an application designed to get the most out of your MIDI devices by letting you turn MIDI buttons into key strokes and macros.


On the translations page, you’re able to create translations for turning any MIDI event or keystroke into a new keystroke, mouse click, MIDI, or macro script*. This allows you to turn MIDI buttons into keystrokes, translate one MIDI event to another, or trigger MIDI with keystrokes.


CoyoteMIDI also has a retrospective recorder that always records your MIDI activity. This way any improvisation you might play is recorded and ready to be used. These recordings can be saved permanently and dragged out of CoyoteMIDI into your DAW.


With the scripting system you can create macro scripts to fully customize and automate your workflow. These scripts can be as complex and diverse as you want them to be. Scripts can be run by MIDI events, keystrokes, and a whole range of system events. Scripts can perform MIDI, keystrokes, mouse movement, as well as access and manipulate a whole range of properties within your system.

* CoyoteScript is exclusive to the PRO version of CoyoteMIDI.