runscript [<script>] (<subscript>) (<variable_name>:<value>,…) (<await completion?>)

Runs a script loaded in CoyoteMIDI.


  1. The full name of the script as loaded in CoyoteMIDI.
  2. The path of the script sub section to run. If left to default, this will be the default entry point of a script.
  3. the variables to be included in the script to be ran. Each variable has to be included in the form of a variable name, and the variable value, separated by a “:”. Multiple entries can be specified, separated by a “,”. This parameter is optional.
  4. Whether the command should await the completion of the script being ran. When set to “false”, the next command following the runscript command will be executed immediately, before the script being ran by the command has finished executing. The default value is “true”, causing the command to wait until the called script is finished executing.

Returns: The return value from the script being ran. This value would be set in the script to run with the “return” command.