searchpixel [R:<#>,G:<#>,B:<#>] (<max amount of results>) (<bounds X1>,<bounds Y1>,<bounds X2>,<bounds Y2>)

Finds all pixels matching a specific colour value and returns a list of each X Y coordinate set.


  1. A map containing the RGB values of the pixel to search for. The map is expected to have each one of the following keys: R, G, and B. Each key’s value should be an integer ranging from 0 to 255.
  2. The maximum amount of pixels to include in the result. When the maximum amount of results is reached, the search will stop early. The default value is -1 (infinite results).
  3. The bounds in which to search for the pixels. The expected input is a list with 4 numbers of which the first 2 represent the X and Y coordinates of one corner of the bounds, and the last 2 values represent the X and Y coordinates of the opposite corner of the bounds. By default, every the entire virtual screen (across all monitors) is searched through.

Returns: A list of coordinates. each entry of the list is a coordinate in the form of its own list with an X and a Y value.