Version Changelog

– The text on translation buttons will turn red while recording again
– Added a ‘Discord’ button in the general settings to join this discord server
– PRO: Added the “web” CoyoteScript command
– PRO: Added the “runscript” CoyoteScript command
– the tooltip timings have been adjusted
– Tooltips will now behave as intended
– (Pro only) Translation folders can now be created by dragging the arrow of a translation onto another one. Folders can be used to organize translations and to enable/disable entire groups of translations
– (Pro Only) The CoyoteScript scripting system and a rudimentary script editor are now available
– The visual appearance of translations has been altered to better fit within folders
– CoyoteMIDI PRO will enter a closed beta soon while CoyoteMIDI FREE will remain in open beta
– Shift clicking recordings will work as expected now. If no selection exists already, shift click will start a new selection with the clicked recording
– Recording drag operations should no longer crash the application when failing. However, this remains untested
FIXED: The app will no longer indicate a pending update while already being on the latest version
NOTICE: if you are on build 92 the app will not be able to find new updates due to an unforeseen issue with the self updater. You will instead have to manually update the app yourself by following these steps:
1: Download the update by clicking
2: Extract the CoyoteMIDI.exe file from the downloaded zip file
3: Locate your CoyoteMIDI installation folder. By default, this should be C:\Program Files (x86)\CoyoteMIDI
4: Make sure CoyoteMIDI is not currently running
5: Replace the CoyoteMIDI.exe file in your installation folder with the new CoyoteMIDI.exe file extracted from the zip file
6: Start CoyoteMIDI like usual and verify your build number greater than 92
Alternatively, you can reinstall CoyoteMIDI by first uninstalling CoyoteMIDI in windows in the Apps list, and then downloading the latest installer from to finally install CoyoteMIDI by running through the installer. Your CoyoteMIDI settings should be left untouched.



– The playback cursor on recordings can now be dragged and moved by holding down right click to start playing the recording at any point
– Selected midi devices that failed to load will show red in the device lists, as well as show a red indicator on the CoyoteMIDI logo in the titlebar
– The retrospective recorder will ignore more technical MIDI events and only record notes, CC, and pitchbend now
– CoyoteMIDI will better detect and notify failed update downloads now

– The ‘show midi indicator’ option has been removed
– A ‘beta updates’ option has been added for future use


– The app might indicate a pending update while already being on the latest version



– An uncommon bug where CoyoteMIDI would freeze indefinitely when being closed has been fixed. We strongly recommend updating to prevent this happening to you
– Infinite recording history (through specifying -1) should now be properly supported


– Trying to launch CoyoteMIDI when the app is already running will now bring the running instance to the foreground rather than launch a second instance of the app



– You can now specify CC channels in the settings to be ignored by the retrospective recorder (Request by )
– The logo on the title bar may show a blue circle indicating MIDI input activity for easier troubleshooting. This can be turned off in the settings with the ‘MIDI indicator’ option
– The ‘edit’ and ‘delete’ buttons on translations have been updated with image icons


– There is now an ‘Upgrade to PRO’ button next to the update button. This button does not offer any functionality yet and for now is only there for GUI design purposes



– Redesigned settings page: The settings are now organized in different tabs, and some of the retrospective recording settings are moved to their designated tab in the settings page
– New available updates will show an arrow shaped update button in the title bar
– CoyoteMIDI can now collect and send us anonymous telemetry to help us understand the app’s most common use cases and breaking points. This can be disabled in the general settings, but we encourage you to leave it enabled



– ‘SPACE’ keys will now be recorded properly by hotkey buttons
– titlecase process names will now work in the ‘running’, ‘focused’, and ‘not running’ parameters



– The checkboxes for selected recordings update properly now
– A scenario where updating the recordings page recordings list could crash CoyoteMIDI has been accounted for


– DELETE and CTRL + S can be used to delete and favourite selections of recordings



– Recording history view no longer shows the favourites on top of the max history limit, instead is included in the view limit
– Tooltips will now split text across multiple lines properly


– Recording history now allows for selecting multiple recordings at once and perform the usual operations on the selection in bulk


– When using shift click to select a range of recordings at once, the checkboxes over the recordings don’t become visible on their own


FIXED: – Mouse click actions in translations will work as expected again

NEW: – Tooltips on everything!

BUGS: – Some tooltips may have a ‘\n’ newline character in them without actually creating a new line


FIXED: – The app won’t crash on launch when multiple MIDI inputs share the exact same name, though this might still be subject to other oddities
– The text on the translation buttons turns red again when recording midi or keys


NEW: – App errors are now logged to the log.txt file in the installation directory


FIXED: – The app no longer requires admin privileges
– Launch on startup will work again

NEW: – The update button can be used to manually check for updates
– Program Change MIDI events can be used in translations


FIXED: – “Resources” folder extraction
– Auto-updater now works when app was launched from the desktop shortcut Note: To update to this version launch the .exe directly, then run the auto-updater

BUGS: – Launch on Windows startup won’t work until the next update
– When launching the app there is a “run as administrator” popup. This is temporary and will be patched out


FIXED: – Missing “Scripts” folder error on launch


BUGS: – May require Administrator privileges to launch for the first time
– Auto-updater installs to desktop and progress bar hangs on installation, when launched via desktop shortcut. Please use .exe for updating. Note: coyoteMIDI.exe found in “Program Files (x86) > CoyoteMIDI”