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CoyoteMIDI Pro

Unlock unlimited translations, folder organisation, and complex multi-step macros with the custom CoyoteSCRIPT engine


Purchase this license to upgrade your free version of CoyoteMIDI to CoyoteMIDI Pro!

After checkout, you will receive an e-mail containing your CoyoteMIDI PRO License.

Download and install the free version of CoyoteMIDI (if you haven’t already) and activate your license inside CoyoteMIDI’s Settings tab.

CoyoteMIDI will prompt you to relaunch when successfully upgraded.

NOTE: Upgrading requires an active internet connection.

Feature Comparison

Translate incoming MIDI to...
Key stroke
Mouse click
MIDI message
Script trigger
Advanced features
Translation limit
Retrospective Record
Translation Folders
CoyoteScript Engine
CoyoteScript Editor

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