indicator [true/false] (R:<#>,G:<#>,B:<#>) (<#.#>) (<#>)

Manipulates the logo indicator in the CoyoteMIDI app, which can be used to show a circle of any colour over the CoyoteMIDI logo in the top left of the app. This can be useful to provide visual feedback for scripts.


  1. A “true” or “false” input value to determine whether this command should make the indicator show or stop showing.
  2. The RGB values for the colour of the indicator in the form of a map containing the R, G, and B entries. Each entry should have the letter of the colour as the key, and the colour value as the value of the entry. The colour values should range from 0 to 255.
  3. The duration in seconds for the indicator to show. Decimal values are allowed. The default value is 1.
  4. The layer that this indicator should display on. This can be useful for when multiple scripts are manipulating the indicator for different time periods. Lower layers take priority. The default value is 0.