Using CoyoteMIDI with a DAW (loopback MIDI)

In windows, Only one application can listen to a MIDI device at a time. This means that as soon as CoyoteMIDI listens for MIDI events from a MIDI device, any other application, such as a DAW, will no longer recieve MIDI events from that device. Thankfully, there is a workaround for this by using a virtual loopback MIDI device to send the MIDI from CoyoteMIDI to your DAW.

Step 1

Download and install your loopback virtual MIDI device of choice. The options include:

  1. LoopBe1:
  2. LoopMIDI:

For the case of LoopMIDI, it may be required to go through the LoopMIDI interface and manually create a virtual MIDI device port.

Step 2

Select your newly installed virtual MIDI device as the input devices in the applications that you wish to use in combination with CoyoteMIDI. It is recommended to unselect any MIDI devices in these applications if you wish to use them as an input device in CoyoteMIDI.

Step 3

Select your desired MIDI input devices in CoyoteMIDI under the MIDI settings in the Input Devices list. Select your loopback virtual MIDI device as the output device in CoyoteMIDI on the same settings page.

That’s all!

You should now find that the MIDI events from your MIDI input devices will be detected and processed by CoyoteMIDI first, and then will be passed through and detected by your other application.